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Looking for new ways to engage your students? Manuels River has a wide variety of curriculum-linked programming that’s fun and informative.

From guided hikes to fascinating science experiments, our curriculum-linked programming is a great way to get students out of the classroom to learn and have fun. We have interactive lessons that cover every grade from kindergarten to the university level. Programs are offered Monday through Friday, from the start of the school year in September to June.

Currently, we offer a 5-hour educational session for all visiting groups which costs $10/student, taxes included. Maximum of 60 students per day. In addition, thanks to a very generous grant from HMDC, the transportation costs for school groups is offset.

Our three new 2019 programs for grades 2, 3 and 5 are 2.5-hour educational sessions, available Tuesdays and Thursdays, January to March. The cost is $7/student, taxes included. Maximum of 60 students per day. For these programs, again thanks to HMDC, we can cover the total cost of bussing for groups larger than 25 students, and half the cost of bussing for groups of 25 or less.

To book your group for a school trip, please contact us at or call us at (709) 834-2099, ext. 203.

New Programming for 2019

Grade 2: Wind, Water and Weather

Come explore our Giant Floor Map of NL and snowshoe along our Trails, to learn how wind and water move to create the wild and wonderful weather that we all share.

Grade 3: Who-knitcha? Exploring Provincial Identity

Discover the unique place names and symbols of our province on our Giant Floor Map of NL and learn about our special culture through games and activities and outdoor snowshoe adventure on our Trails.

Grade 5: People, Place and Environment

Using our Giant Floor map of NL, learn about how the movement and settlement of people were determined by their environment. Then go snowshoeing along the river to learn about how people navigated their world before roads.

Current Programming • Primary

Kindergarten: Life Cycles

Spend time outdoors along the trail and explore the life cycles of local plants and animals with activities, crafts, and games.

Grade 1: Plants

Learn about the parts of plants and what they need to survive while playing games and exploring their habitats.

Grade 2: Fossils

Through hands-on activities, games and experiments, learn about how fossils form and what they can tell us about ancient life.

Grade 3: Soils

Learn about soil profiles, composition, porosity and settling rates. Examine how plants help prevent erosion and then venture onto the trail to see real-life examples of soils and soil erosion.

Current Programming • Elementary

Grade 4: Rocks, Minerals, and Erosion

Starting at the beach and hiking along the river, spend the day observing what rocks are made of and the role of weathering and erosion in the rock cycle.

Grade 5: Human & Geologic History of Manuels River

Learn about the fascinating human and geologic history of the Manuels River valley while hiking along the river and exploring the Centre.

Grade 6: Fossils, Evolution and Natural Selection

Explore natural selection and evolution while gaining an understanding of how species survive in an ever-changing environment.

Current Programming • Junior High

Grade 7: Interactions within Ecosystems

Explore local ecosystems and the differences and interactions between biotic and abiotic factors while hiking along the river. Through group games and activities learn about food webs and nutrient cycles.

Grade 7: Earth’s Crust — The Mystery of the Missing Volcano

Learn about the Earth’s crust and collect geological data to determine what happened to the ancient volcano that once stood somewhere along Manuels River.

Grade 8: Water Quality of Manuels River (Water Systems on Earth’s Surface)

Perform a series of abiotic and biotic water quality experiments to determine the water quality of Manuels River. Hike along the river to learn about watersheds, the factors that can affect river flow and possible sources of water pollution.

Current Programming • High School

Earth Systems 3209: Historic Geology

Get familiar with the theories and terms referencing geological history, followed by a look at the geological time scale and how the Manuels River valley has been molded over the past 650 million years.

Biology 3201: Biological History

Learn about the geological and biological history of the Earth and the Manuels River valley. Join us for a hike down the river, passing through more than 40 million years of geological history, then search for 500 million-year-old trilobites.


We’re happy to offset the costs of your bus trip here. Just pay for it upfront, send us a copy of the paid receipt and provide us with an invoice from your school for the total cost. Once we receive all the proper paperwork, we’ll write a cheque and send it to you by mail.


School groups are made possible thanks to Hibernia Management & Development Company