Celebrating Science Literacy Week! - Manuels River

Celebrating Science Literacy Week!

We’re looking forward to celebrating Science Literacy Week (September 21-27) again at Manuels River. This is a chance for us to plan some special events to get people thinking about science, talking to scientists and learning about the world around us. The themes of Science Literacy Week this year are BIODIVERSITY and BRIDGING ART AND SCIENCE, so we’re planning activities to explore both of these. Join us!

Strange Species Hike

Biodiversity is the total of all the different species, life forms and genes that exist in the natural world. It’s incredibly important. It keeps ecosystems healthy and resilient, allowing them to adapt to changes without collapsing. It also provides a bounty of gifts to us humans in the form of food, medicine and recreation. Without the stunning array of bird species in the world, would we have quite so many bird watchers? This year we decided to highlight one of the lesser known forms of life on our planet: lichens! Join the lichen hike on Thursday, September 24 at 6:30pm for a chance to learn all about lichen with scientist and MUN professor Dr. Yolanda Wiersma. This is a free hike but pre-registration is required.

Young Scientist: Fish

There are thousands of species of fish in the world, and some of them even call Manuels River home. Although you may never have seen them, there are some pretty interesting fish in the river, including eels! Come to our first Young Scientist session of the season and do some activities with your family bubble to learn about fish. Then we’ll head out on the river to check out some fish habitat. Join the fun on Saturday, September 26 at 10:30am. Cost is $8 per family bubble for members and $15 per family bubble for non-members. Pre-registration is required and space is limited.

Film Screening: 2040

What if we put all our best ideas to work today to build a better future for the next generation? That’s the question that filmmaker Damon Gameau tries to answer with this beautiful film that is part documentary and part journey of the imagination. Learn about the technologies we have available to us and see a new vision for the world that we could create. Watch it in our theatre on Saturday, September 26 at 2:30pm. Cost is $8.50 for adults and $5 for seniors and youth.

Colouring Contest

We’re hosting a food truck rally and crafters market at Manuels River on Sunday, September 27. Not only is this the last day of Science Literacy Week, but it’s also World Rivers Day! So bring the kids down to Manuels River to enter our colouring contest. There are prizes to be won and the art work will be posted for everyone to see. The food truck rally runs from 11am to 4pm. See you there! #SciLit

See you at the centre or on the trails!



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