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When you donate, you help us provide new programs for kids, keep the river and trails clean and help us reach more people in the community! Thanks you for your donation.

Trail Keeper Memberships

Find out how joining as a Trail Keeper supports Manuels River, and what rewards you get with your membership.

Bobber Race 50/50

Our Bobber Race 50/50 is a huge support to everything Manuels River.

Giv’er on the River

More information abou the Annual Giv’er on the River Fundraiser and how it helps support Manuels River.

Connect the Trails

Connect the Trails is a fundraiser that needs your help! We are aiming to connect all of the Manuels River Trails together as they originally were a linear trail. Help us reach our goal!

Annual General Meeting

Want to learn more about Manuels River operations or more about us? Check out our past AGM info.