Our Values


These are the practices we use every day in everything we do; the basic elements of how we go about our work.


We interact with each other, the environment, and the community with an appreciation of the diversity in the world around us.
We collaborate through open communication without judgment.


We engage people to work together by being accepting and welcoming to all.
We show respect, without judgment, and help people to get involved, regardless of their situation.


We can be trusted to live up to our word and values. We admit our mistakes and improve upon them.
We take responsibility for our individual actions and we hold each other accountable.


We protect our culture and natural environment through education and community engagement.


We work together towards a common goal for the benefit of everyone to foster connections and feelings of belonging.


We enhance this personal journey by our connections to nature and each other.
We value working, problem-solving, and playing together, so that we can all grow and improve our shared experience.
We recognize that living is learning at every age. The journey never ends.