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At Manuels River, we are a community-based organization dedicated to being a leader
in connecting people with nature and preserving the natural and cultural heritage of
Manuels River. Our mission is to support sustainability, nurture growing minds, and
promote wellness through our variety of programs and initiatives. We are committed to
respect, inclusion, accountability, conservation, community, and lifelong learning,
embracing these values in all our endeavors. Our extensive efforts range from
educational workshops to community gardening, providing a vibrant venue for events
like weddings, educational seminars, and cultural celebrations. As stewards of the
environment and the community, we strive to foster a deep connection with nature,
enhance food security, and ensure the well-being of our ecosystems.

The Outreach and Events Manager is integral to orchestrating events that align with the
strategic vision of Manuels River, enhancing community engagement and
environmental conservation. This role requires a dynamic, collaborative approach to
lead and execute a diverse range of events, from educational workshops to significant
community gatherings. The Outreach and Events Manager will ensure these events not
only celebrate and support our community’s cultural and environmental heritage but also
contribute to our sustainability and educational goals.

Leadership and Team Collaboration: Demonstrate leadership skills and collaborate
effectively with teams and stakeholders to achieve event objectives.

Strategic Planning and Organizing: Excel in strategic outreach and event planning,
organization, and execution, ensuring alignment with the organization’s mission and
Adaptive Problem Solving and Resilience: Display strong problem-solving skills and
resilience, managing stress and adapting to changing circumstances effectively.
Effective Communication and Cultural Competence: Possess excellent
communication skills and cultural sensitivity, ensuring respectful and effective
interaction in diverse environments.
Financial Acumen and Resource Management: Show proficiency in managing
budgets and resources to ensure event profitability and efficiency.
Ethical Conduct and Integrity: Uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity in
all aspects of event management.
Community Engagement and Customer Focus: Engage community members and
stakeholders with a focus on understanding and meeting their needs, fostering
community spirit and customer satisfaction.
Environmental Awareness and Sustainability: Emphasize environmental
consciousness in event planning and execution, promoting sustainable practices.
Innovation, Creativity, and Digital Literacy: Drive innovation and creativity in event
concepts and design, while leveraging digital tools and platforms for enhanced
engagement and effectiveness.


Plan and Execute Events: Design and manage a diverse range of in-house and third-
party events (including conferences, weddings, and community gatherings) that align

with the organization’s mission to connect people with nature and community well-being.
Stakeholder Collaboration: Collaborate with staff, members of the board, volunteers,
community leaders, vendors, environmental and tourism experts, and external event
planners to enrich offerings and ensure seamless execution.
Budget and Resource Management: Oversee budgeting, logistical arrangements, and
resource allocation to optimize event effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability.

Community and Sponsor Engagement: Engage with the community to promote
participation, develop opportunities and maintain relationships with sponsors and
donors to secure support for Manuels River and to build our reputation and profile
internally and externally.
Team Leadership and Compliance: Supervise and mentor the events team, ensuring
a collaborative work environment and compliance with all relevant regulations and
environmental guidelines.
Communication and Liaison: Manage all internal and external communications,
serving as the primary liaison for speakers, entertainers, exhibitors, and delegates from
planning through execution.
Operational Management: Oversee all phases of event management, from initial
planning and on-site coordination to post-event wrap-up, maintaining detailed records
and ensuring quality standards.
Logistics Coordination: Coordinate the delivery of event-related materials and assist
with related financial transactions, including invoicing and credit control.

Educational and Professional Background: Degree or diploma in Business, Event
Management, Community Recreation, Travel and Tourism or a related field, with a
minimum of 3 years’ experience in managing and coordinating community-oriented
events, or any equivalent combination of experience and training that provides the
required knowledge and skills.

Leadership and Management Skills: Proven ability to lead both small-scale and large-
scale events, with strong team management capabilities.

Organizational and Communication Proficiency: Excellent organizational skills,
including attention to detail and multitasking, coupled with strong communication
abilities to engage diverse audiences effectively.
Financial and Technical Acumen: Experience in budget management and resource
allocation, along with proficiency in using event management software and tools.
Adaptability and Crisis Management: Flexibility to work irregular hours and adapt to
changing conditions, with robust skills in managing unexpected situations and crises.

Interpersonal and Marketing Skills: Strong interpersonal and negotiation skills,
experience in marketing and promoting events to increase engagement.
Cultural and Legal Competency: Cultural sensitivity for managing diverse community
events and thorough knowledge of legal compliance related to event management.
Passion for Sustainability and Community Service: A strong commitment to
community service and environmental conservation, informed by knowledge of
sustainable practices in event planning.

Variable Hours: Flexibility to work irregular hours, including evenings, weekends, and
occasionally holidays to accommodate the scheduling of events.
Physical Demands: Some physical activity required, including setting up for events,
moving supplies, and managing on-site activities, which may involve lifting objects up to
a specified weight (e.g., 20-50 lbs).

Dynamic Work Environment: The role operates in a high-energy and sometimes high-
stress environment, necessitating proactive and responsive problem-solving skills. The

Events Manager must be able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and adjust
quickly to changing priorities.
Outdoor and Indoor Settings: Work may be conducted in various settings, both
indoors and outdoors, depending on the event, requiring adaptability to different
environmental conditions.
Interactions and Collaboration: Frequent interaction with a diverse range of people,
including team members, volunteers, community members, and vendors, requiring
excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Interested candidates should submit a resume and a cover letter outlining their
qualifications and experience relevant to the role. Applications can be sent via email to with the subject line ” Outreach and Events Manager
Application”. This position will remain open until filled.

The position offers a competitive salary based on experience and qualifications. In
addition to the salary, our comprehensive benefits package includes health insurance,
paid time off, and opportunities for professional development. Specific details regarding
salary range and benefits will be discussed during the interview process.

The expected start date for this position is immediate with some flexibility to
accommodate the selected candidate’s availability.

Location: This position is based in Manuels, Conception Bay South.
Reporting: The Events Manager will report directly to the Executive Director or in their
absence, the Board Chair or designate.
Opportunities for Advancement: Manuels River values lifelong learning and
professional growth, offering various opportunities for advancement and skill

● Health, dental, and vision insurance
● Retirement plan options
● Discounts on services and products related to the organization’s activities
● Support for continuing education and professional development

Manuels River is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion in
the workplace. We welcome and encourage applications from all qualified individuals,
regardless of race, colour, gender, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation,
disability, or any other protected status. Our organization believes that our diversity fuels
innovation and creates a more vibrant, dynamic environment that benefits our employees,
volunteers, and the community we serve. We are dedicated to fostering a workplace
where everyone feels valued and empowered.