A Dog’s Favourite Spot - Manuels River

A Dog’s Favourite Spot

A Dog’s Favourite Spot

For those who love exploring the great outdoors, the Manuels River Trails offers an exciting and scenic way to get in touch with nature. Not only is it a great spot for a reflective stroll, it is also the perfect place for pet owners to take their furry friends!

    One very special dog, and her human, found a favorite spot along the river where they could relax, play in the water, and catch small rocks in the river. Frequenting the trails together they made memories and formed a lasting bond.


Piper enjoying the water on the Manuels River trails. 

    Piper’s favorite spot was by a tree downstream, between Bubble Pond and Worsley Park.   

    Rhonda, Piper’s Human, says “  Piper wasn’t just a dog, she was my very best friend and she went through so many life changes with me in her short life. Everytime we passed by this one spot on the trail she would stop dead in her tracks… paws digging into the dirt to make it known to me it was time to stop and play.  It didn’t matter if it was summer or winter. We took so many photos down there together.“

Piper, her sister Penny Lane, and human Rhonda; enjoying the outdoors.


  Pets play a very special role in our lives, and their passing can certainly have an impact on their owners and family. As a memorial to Piper, there is a special plaque erected on a tree at that favorite spot along the Manuels River trails.

   So as you pass by Hyper Piper’s favorite spot on our trails, stop and take in the view from a dog’s perspective. Maybe this will become a favorite spot for you, and your furry friends to enjoy.

Piper’s Memorial Plaque at her favourite spot.

We are so grateful to Rhonda and Piper’s friends for making a tribute gift to Manuels River, giving us the opportunity to connect and share this story.
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If you would like to make a donation in honour of a loved one, contact Mandy Palubicki at mandy.palubicki@manuelsriver.ca



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