International Literacy Day - Manuels River

International Literacy Day

How wonderful is it that International Literacy Day should happen to fall on the first day of school? Such a day of excitement and wonder, there is a freshness and greenness in the air. You can really feel you are on the cusp of something big today. Brand new sneakers, school supplies, a brand new grade, and a brand new year! All of this, just the initial step in a life-long journey of learning; this whole journey, so well served by the precious gift of literacy.

The Manuels River outdoor classroom is tucked away on the trails.

From having someone special read to you, helping to turn the pages and point to the words, you are approaching the gateway to better understand the world around you. From illustrating your ideas, learning your letters and sounds, to recognizing words and meaning in the pictures; you are coming closer to coming to know yourself. Soon you are reading and writing sentences and paragraphs, and then nothing can stop you!

Interpreter Evan giving a lesson on the importance of sustainability.

As you begin to understand the elements of a story, you gain the capacity to build empathy and to advocate for others. All of these activities you practice, help you build your literacy skills, which connect you to all of space and time; to the real and the imagined. You are now really on your way to so many different adventures and opportunities. This whole journey, which starts on a day like today, makes for a fuller and deeper life. So let’s get reading, writing, and sharing with everyone!

Please message us if you have a favorite book/blog/magazine/newspaper/comic/journal/etc. that you would like to share! And keep an eye out for Science Literacy Week, happening later this month from September 20 to 26, 2021.


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