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Pack It In, Pack it Out!

Pack It In, Pack It Out

The number one unwritten rule of exploring nature is to leave no trace; what you pack to bring in, you pack to bring out. One person’s waste on our trails is not only an eyesore for the next to walk by, but could do significant damage to the local flora and fauna.

    Canyon Trail, upstream on Manuels River, is a magnificent walking trail that receives many visitors a day. Unfortunately, all this foot traffic generates a lot of garbage and waste which can pollute the environment. Plastics, styrofoam cups, hygiene products, and food containers are not biodegradable and can last decades after being discarded. Even biodegradable bags can last decades and pose just as much risk to wildlife.

Staff and volunteers work hard to keep the trails free of trash, recently adding reminders along the boardwalk portion of the trail to keep this a garbage-free zone.

    So how can you help maintain this garbage-free zone? Simple; Pack it in, pack it out! Whatever you bring along with you on your walk, bring it out. It is our duty to maintain the natural world, to quote Sir David Attenborough, “What we do now and in the next few years will profoundly affect the next few thousand years.”


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