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Who Else Wants To Be A Trail Keeper?

Avid Trail Users Like You Are Making A Difference While Enjoying Nature.

Trail Keepers are important to Manuels River and the community. They are the eyes and ears of our Trail System. As a member of Trail Keepers, you are demonstrating that you CARE by helping to maintain, enhance and protect the Manuels River Trail System.

Trail Keepers CARE:

Connect – Trail Keepers have a sense of community. They wish to make Manuels River a better place for all trail users.
Advocate – Trail Keepers feel it is their responsibility to take care of the trails and get involved. They speak up and encourage others to do their part to protect and conserve the land.
Respect – Trail Keepers lead by example while using the trails and river system. They demonstrate good trail etiquette and stay informed.
Enjoy – Trail Keepers escape the everyday as they walk into the woods to explore nature. They use the picturesque Manuels River for their recreation and well-being. 

When you become a Manuels River Trail Keeper, you will receive:

Involvement is easy; become a Trail Keeper and as a member you will be entitled to the following:

  • 10% Discount for SELECT programs and events
  • 10% Discount on purchases made at our POP-UP Riverside Gifts events
  • Early REGISTRATION for SELECT programs and events
  • FREE “Members Only” programs
  • Regular Email notice of all Events
  • The Annual Report

You’ll feel great contributing to the CARE of the Manuels River Trail System.

Choose one of the membership options below and join Trailkeepers today!

Enjoy Nature. Make A Difference.

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For more information, please call Jillian Whittle at (709) 834-2099, ext. 201 or by email