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Explore 650 million years of geological history as you learn about the rare fossils and the ancient geology that makes Manuels River a one of a kind destination.

$12 Adults $8 Students & Seniors

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Guided Fossil Hike

There are two fossil localities on Manuels River, one on Ocean Trail East and one on Ocean Trail West. Both are host to a diverse array of well-preserved fossil organisms, including brachiopods, hyoliths, mollusks and — most importantly — trilobites. These trilobites possessed an external shell, much like the crabs and lobsters of today. These ancient trilobites would have regularly shed their shells to produce larger ones; one of the reasons why we have so many amazing fossils preserved at Manuels River.

$35 Adults   $20 Seniors   $15 Children

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Guided Heritage Hike

Manuels River is host to a number of different ecological habitats. These include the river itself, riparian wetlands along the riverbanks, boreal forest both upstream and downstream, bogs and fens in the downstream wetlands, and at the end of Manuels River, a beautiful beach environment.

Discover the plants, animals, and modern history that has developed along the river. Visit the canyon upstream and take in the scenic views.

$35 Adults   $20 Seniors   $15 Children

Booking must be submitted 1 business day in advance.

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Discover Manuels River Tour

Spend the day at Manuels River and discover the scenic river valley, the different ecological habitats, a wide assortment of birds, and the world-renowned fossil sites, all while learning the unique history that makes this area so special. You will start your tour in our Exhibits before setting out on a guided hike upstream to the canyon. After returning we break for a quick lunch then meander downstream to uncover fossils before finishing at the beach.

Tour begins at 10:00 AM, 12:30 Lunch break, finshing at 3:30 PM

Enjoy a complimentary 10% Discount at our Cafe.

$100 Adults   $85 Seniors   $50 Children $250 Family (2 Adult, 4 child/senior)

Booking must be submitted 1 business day in advance.

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