Manuels River Trails

There’s nothing better than a day spent in nature. Come explore scenic trails and our world-renowned fossil site, all while learning the unique history that makes this area so special.

Manuels River

Get away from it all and into the woods. The picturesque Manuels River valley is home to an amazing trail system that makes it easy to explore nature, without having to deal with difficult terrain. Choose the Ocean Trail or the Canyon Trail and you’ll be sure to take in the local wildlife, ancient fossils and so much more. Parts of the trails are even wheelchair accessible and stroller friendly.

Get Started

Tighten your shoelaces and get ready for a hike. The main trail entrance is located next to the Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre on Route 60, west of Manuels River Bridge. Either go it alone, enjoy a guided tour to the fossil site or take a self-guided audio tour of this historic location.

Trail History

First used in the early 1900s as goat paths by local residents, the Manuels River valley trails stretch for over 5kms. Sadly, you won’t find goats wandering the countryside anymore. Instead, you’ll find hikers, bird watchers and families from all over the world enjoying the beautiful scenery. In addition, the trails provide invaluable access and interpretation of the natural environment that is unique to the Manuels River Valley.

Trail Expansion Plans

Maintained by the Manuels River Heritage Society, we have a three-phase, Trails Master Plan. Focused on the goal of connecting the Ocean Trail and Canyon Trail, we’re hoping to make the trails more accessible and even better than they are now.

To learn more about our plan for the future or to help us achieve our goal, visit our Trail Master Plan page

Learn More - Trail Master Plan