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A Dog’s Favourite Spot

A Dog’s Favourite Spot For those who love exploring the great outdoors, the Manuels River Trails offers an exciting and scenic way to get in touch with nature. Not only is it a great spot

Flooding of Manuels River

Our Manuels River trails system was severely impacted by the rainstorm and snow melting in January. The excessive damage has caused...

Pack It In, Pack it Out!

The number one unwritten rule of exploring nature is to leave no trace. So how can you help maintain this garbage-free zone?

Happy Founder’s Day!

February 22nd marks the birthdays of a very important person in the history of scouting and guiding: Robert Baden-Powell. In 1903, Major-General Robert Baden-Powell returned to England from Africa, where he had been involved in

Celebrating Science Literacy Week!

We’re looking forward to celebrating Science Literacy Week (September 21-27) again at Manuels River. This is a chance for us to plan some special events to get people thinking about science, talking to scientists and

Connect The Trails, Connect Our Community

Since 1989, Manuels River Natural Heritage Society has been working to protect, conserve and enhance the Manuels River system, through wildlife habitat improvement, operation of an interpretation centre, the delivery of various educational programs, and