“Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere.” - Emma Smith


01/07/2023 - A Dog's Favourite Spot

One very special dog, and her human, found a favorite spot along the river where they could relax, play in the water, and catch small rocks in the river. Frequenting the trails together they made memories and formed a lasting bond… Read More


02/18/2022: Flooding of Manuels River

Our Manuels River trails system was severely impacted by the rainstorm and snow melting in January. The excessive damage has caused… Read More

09/08/2021: Happy International Literacy Day

How wonderful is it that International Literacy Day should happen to fall on the first day of school? Such a day for excitement and… Read More

07/28/2021: World Nature Conservation Day

Here at Manuels River, we have much to celebrate, from the plentiful flora and fauna to the heritage and geology, all of which we are so fortunate to have access to by the Manuels River Trail System. Read More.

07/15/2021: Pack It In, Pack It Out

The number one unwritten rule of exploring nature is to leave no trace; what you pack to bring in, you pack to bring out. Read More

02/22/2021: Happy Founder's Day

February 22nd marks the birthdays of a very important person in the history of scouting and guiding: Robert Baden-Powell. Read More.

09/21/2020: Celebrating Science Literacy Week

We’re looking forward to celebrating Science Literacy Week (September 21-27) again at Manuels River. This is a chance for us to plan some special events to get people thinking about science, talking to scientists and learning about the world around us. Read More

09/01/2020: Connect The Trails, Connect Our Community

The development of Manuels River Trail System is to improve the current walking trails, with an emphasis on maximizing safety, accessibility and the visitor experience. Read More

05/18/2020: Museum Day 2020

It’s summer on the river again, but it feels very different this year! Read More

06/06/2020: Help us celebrate Trails to Ocean Week at Manuels River!

Today is the first day of our 2nd Annual “Trails to Ocean Week”, a week dedicated to encouraging people to discover Manuels River, one of the most unique places in the world. Read More

Bumblebee on Fogo

05/20/2020: It's World Bee Day!

On this day, many people around the world celebrate our honeybees and think about the incredible things they do for us – making honey and beeswax and pollinating our crops! We love honeybees at Manuels River, but today we want to highlight another type of bee: bumble bees! Read More

04/22/2020: Happy Earth Day!

Today is a celebration of our amazing planet: the Blue planet that is more ocean than land, the Goldilocks planet that is neither too hot nor too cold, the only place in the known universe where life exists! Read More